photo by Jeff Cravotta
photo by Jeff Cravotta
image by Jeff Cravotta Photography
image by Jeff Cravotta Photography


We See Heaven Upside Down is an evolving multidisciplinary arts project responding to challenges of migration, displacement, and identity in contemporary society. The project has developed into an international creative dialogue, seeking to stimulate further discourse around these issues. The project launched in 2016 and was funded in part by the Government of Germany and the Partnership for Democracy, Berlin. It was produced by Moving Poets Berlin at the Novilla Center for Arts, Berlin, and has since been presented at Ross Galleries at Central Piedmont Community College as the Visual Arts Headliner of the Sensoria Festival 2017. To date, We See Heaven Upside Down has had input from 50 artists, including established and emerging visual artists, acclaimed performers and musicians, distinguished poets and hundreds of students and citizens, local refugee agencies and Native American associations. More than 5,000 visitors have experienced the migrating exhibition, viewed short performances and participated in outreach programs. 


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Upcoming: May 3 - June 15, 2019 - We See Heaven Upside Down, migration 4

Seven visual artists and one film maker of regional, national and international recognition were chosen for the 6-week exhibition at Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art. Additionally, several international composers and musicians have contributed new original music for a live performance turned music installation. 

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Artistic and Organizational Partner: Moving Poets


Recipient of the 2018 Arts & Science Council Cultural Vision Grant to further develop the project in Charlotte, NC. 



Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art

Awedience Media

Reemprise Fund


Community Partners & Participants:

Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency

International House

Refugees of the Global South



Special thanks to:

Moving Poets patrons/supporters

Jeff Cravotta Photography

Shane Baskin Photography/ Black Box Productions

Heather Speer Harper

Linda and Mitch Bollag

Harper Corporation

Ritz Marketing

Kunst am Spreeknie Arts Festival, Berlin

Arts & Science Council 

Sensoria Festival & CPCC 



Funding for the project in Berlin is made possible in part by:


German Federal Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth

German Federal Program for Democracy Lives

The Partnership for Democracy, Schöneweide

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