Wed. May 3, 2017 

ART AND SOCIAL JUSTICE - Artist Talk by Native American Artist & Activist

Cannupa Hanska Luger

Panel discussion with Indigenous Community Leaders, Q & A on contemporary challenges of displacement and Native Americans communities 


Panel: Perry Eastman – Chair of All Nations United, Robert Greeson – Chair of American Indian Party, Toni Henderson – Metrolina Native American Association and Cannupa Hanska Luger, artist/activist. 

Moderator: Christina Welsh, artist


6:30 - Bryan Hall, CPCC - Central Campus, Charlotte, NC

Reception immediately following at Ross Galleries

free and open to the public

Friday, July 15, 2016, 7pm - at Moving Poets' Novilla, Berlin


Exchange, Presentation & Dialog with Artists from Tepebasi (Eskisehir, Turkey)

free and open to the public

July 6-7, 2016 - at Moving Poets' Novilla

Boundaries -  An unfinished Land Art Installation


"As part of We See Heaven Upside Down, a group of neighborhood children mostly from the Rabenhorst Student Club, worked on a interdisciplinary project in the garden of Novilla under the direction of Denise Dröge and Johannes Gérard. The subject was boundaries. The youth where given the possiblity to interpret the subject in the broadest sense.


The children decided to use the tall grouped bushes inside the garden. It should be noted that the bushes in the everyday life of children play an important role because they often withdraw into the interior. It is one of their hidden and withdrawal points.


The material was limited to rope, strips of wood, branches, tree trunks and earth. The concept was to give the children the opportunity to present themselves, to decide and find out what is creative and technically possible. It is important to mention that the condition was never to present a finished and what art lovers or artists may think is a perfect art installation. Often adults transmit their own ideas and ways of looking at what children creatively made . Had we intervened as project leaders in order to introduce our own artistic interpretations of an installation about boundaries, an academic situation would have arisen, which our concept does not provide for.


The children worked together to resolve conflicts to deal with the issues of borders and to find and use their own creativity. At the end they came up with the idea to wrap the group of big bushes with ropes symbolizing borders, and with ropes that divert from the bushes as a symbol of keeping a object in place. They added as well a symbolic door to the installation.


At the end, the youth differentiated themselves from the surrounding environment  with the ropes and the door, to create and build a limit or boundary around an area where they can withdraw. Actually working from the outside inward and instead of overcoming borders, drew a symbolic border. During the second session the group had drawn back more and more into the interior of the bushes. "


--- A collaboration between Denise Dröge (Drama Teacher) & Johannes Gérard (Visual Artist) and youth


Sunday - June 5, 2016, 5pm - at Moving Poets' Novilla

'Climate change > migration > open-source DIY islands' 
artist talk with Joy Lohmann, cocreator of "Open-Island" DIY recycled islands and cofounder of the "makers 4 humanity" collective.
Open Island video, live-3D printing process presentation/demonstration of modules in scale 1:20, artist talk and open discussion
free and open to the public
more info contact: Joy Lohmann at joy@joy-art.de

About Open Island:

The demand for floating islands rises with the sea-levels! The interdisciplinary Maker collective builds floating islands out of globalized trash and shares the benefits through open-source DIY-manuals, participatory events and island-construction camps. Open-Islands are floating platforms for flood prevention, agri- and aquaculture, energy production and sociocultural purposes that can be built everywhere to improve the lifes of the poorest and raise climate change resilience. Through its modular concept, cooperative process and creative aesthetics, the self-made islands and floating common grounds also function as symbols for a sharing-caring community, attracting, networking and training local people and partners to form humanitarian „for-benefit-groups“ within their community and environment.

July - October 2016 - at Moving Poets' Novilla

Signs and Wonders in Schöneweide

An open interactive community outreach project: creative workshops & gatherings with a lively variety of people, artists, creatives

contact visual artist and coordinator Liz Crossley for info/dates/times


art supplies provided & participation is free



Our outreach into the community was simple: a series of casual fun creative gatherings involving artists, neighbors, immigrants and refugees of all ages over food, music, sharing stories/experiences and crafting masks and lanterns. One of the gatherings ended with a "bridge walk" across the Spree River that runs through Berlin.


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