Constellation CLT

The Mint Museum - Uptown

On view May 7- August 29.


MyLoan Dinh's work at the Mint Museum merges contemporary art traditions and traditional craft methods, speaking to identity and perceptions around nationality. 

Constellation CLT is an exhibition series designed to connect visitors to The Mint Museum with artists in our community and to activate the public spaces of the museum. The installations rotate three times per year and can be seen in four places at Mint Museum Uptown: in the entrance; on two mezzanine landings, and on the Plaza floor.


photography by Jeff Cravotta

The new works exhibited in EYES WIDE OPEN introduces viewers to polyvocal visual narratives by three female identifying Southeast Asians artists, Quynh Vu, HNin Nie and MyLoan Dinh . Their punchy provocative works individually and collectively create space and agency to reframe and redefine genres and dismantle associated cultural myths embedded in Western culture.


Opening Reception - May 26, 6-8pm

On view  May 26 - Sept 11

Small Works Gallery at Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art


2020 Arts & Science Council Creative Renewal Fellowship

ASC Fellowship Program Rewards Emerging, Established Creatives

2020 BOB Awards


Best Local Artist - MyLoan Dinh

2021 Patchwork crosswalks public art commission along the Monroe Road Corridor

Stitching Together An East Charlotte Art Trail, WFAE, September 6, 2020



more info to be announced

Black coal, red soil, yellow flames

Oct 2 - Nov 1, 2020

Galerie in der Novilla, Berlin, Germany


"National identities and materials, do they go together? A large number of scientific disciplines deal with national identities - psychologists deal with it as the basis of racist behavior, political scientists try for example to explain why which countries or nations have formed, empiricists are looking for differences in the new and old federal states. From the point of view of business communication, national identities also play a role in branding for countries and regions. When looking at various European countries and regions, it is noticeable that their external perception often has something to do with raw materials.  The beginning dialogue project between art and science examines how artists take up national identities." -  Prof. Steffen Kolb 


Initiated by Susanne Roewer, Prof. Steffen Kolb and MoBe Moving Poets Berlin e.V. 



Thank You, No Thank You

May 29 – August 14, 2020 

Asian Arts Initiative  - Philadelphia, PA


Curated by Catzie Vilayphonh, Founder & Creative Director of Laos In The House

Lanica Angpak | Natalie Bui | Leslie Condon | MyLoan Dinh | Aragna Ker | Chantala Kommanivanh | Jinny Ly | Nguyen Khoi Nguyen| Alex Nguyen-Vo | Sisavanh Phouthavong | Sayon Syprasoeuth | Barbara Tran| Saymoukda Vongsay 


Thank You, No Thank You is a statement reflecting the expectations of being a “good immigrant” and not an “ungrateful refugee.” For those living here whose displacement is also the result of U.S. policies, America represents being home and homeless. This exhibition highlights the struggles, negotiations, and complexities in the identities of Southeast Asian American refugees of war.  2020 marks the 45th year anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, a significant date for the Southeast Asian diaspora of Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian refugees who resettled in America because of the conflicts. While past narratives around the War focus on American veterans, very little amplifies the voices of over 2.5 million displaced Southeast Asians, many who are now Americans themselves. 

H2O / 20 : Elemental Retribution

June 5 - July 31, 2020

Gallery C3 at Alchemy

Curated by Janelle Dunlap


The original intention of H20/20, Elemental Retribution was to spotlight one of many major socio-political controversies of the modern-day American society; water. Within a matter of weeks, the world’s focus has since shifted towards another universal crisis; COVID-19. The objective of this show remains focused on the conflict between humans and catastrophic disasters born out of the natural world. The collective experience of sanitizing self and space, social distancing and economic hurdles are all humbling reminders of the scale of our vulnerabilities. 


Featuring the work of eleven Carolina, Chicago and California based artists who traditionally share visual narratives of a society that struggles with equitable existence; this collection marks a moment in history where artists have been forced to navigate the chaos of a new reality and create work that reflects the pandemic era.

FEATURED ARTISTS:  Anderson Brasileiro / Ajane’ K. Williams / Johnathan Cooper / Dammit Wesley / MyLoan Dinh (represented by Elder Contemporary Gallery of Art) / Malik J. Norman / Helms Jarrell / Scott Summers / Cedric Umoja (Columbia, SC) / Madison Elaine (Pasadena, CA) / Tanya Scruggs Ford (Chicago, IL) 



Apr 15th – May 31st  l  Online Exclusive

Monica King Contemporary, NYC



In an effort to support NYC and the world in the ongoing battle against COVID-19, Monica King Contemporary is launching this benefit exhibition with 25% of each sale going directly to Feed the Frontlines NYC, a bold local initiative that has made a huge statement of support to the NYC community by providing tens of thousands of free meals to the hospital workers around the city working tirelessly around the clock to end this global pandemic and save lives. Through supporting this exhibition, the cultural community will be directly helping frontline healthcare workers, the struggling local restaurant industry, and artists from MKC and beyond who are trying to continue creating during this turbulent time. 

Annual Coloring Book to Support Charlotte Artists

Queen City Nerve has partnered with some of the amazing artists in our city to create the Charlotte Coloring Book!


HEAVEN, February 27 - March 1, 2020 | Thu - Sat 8pm, Sun 7pm

Booth Playhouse, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center | 130 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


HEAVEN is a modern fairy tale roller coaster ride through conflict and harmony, chaos, courage and kindness.

The world premiere production is inspired by the poem FALLEN MOON FALLEN STARS by North Carolina’s award-winning poet Chuck Sullivan and the work of visual, performing and media artists from Charlotte and beyond. Told through contemporary dance, theater, music, film, video-mapping and visual arts, the story travels through realities and dreams of Maria-Helena, a detained immigrant child. Separated from her parents and maneuvering an upside-down heaven in her holding cage, she learns that to be released she must find a “lamp besides the golden door.”

Supported by Mother Mary and the ghost of Maria-Helena's murdered brother, she discovers it hidden under the treasures of a narcissistic Pinocchio. To give up the lamp, Pinocchio must lose his treasures and become a real “Mensch” - with the help of the audience, whose own response and participation may change events in HEAVEN.

Artistic Direction: Till Schmidt-Rimpler and MyLoan Dinh


Moving Poets Challenge Misconception and Prejudices Through Art

January 30, 2020 | By ASC Charlotte


JAN 29, 2020 / By Liz Rothaus Bertrand

Watch the video of the New Colossus mural at the Knight Theatre



A Conversation with Director and Co-Writer Tim Robbins

JAN 27, 2020, McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square


THE NEW COLOSSUS director and co-writer, Tim Robbins, joins a panel to discuss the production, which launches its national tour in Charlotte, and how it connects to immigration and refugee communities around the nation. Local leaders from within those communities will join to discuss these issues as they relate to Charlotte specifically.

Panelists include:

Tim Robbins, director and co-writer of THE NEW COLOSSUS

MyLoan Dinh, Charlotte-based multi-disciplinary artist

Sil Ganzó, Founder and Executive Director of ourBRIDGE for KIDS

Theresa Matheny, Fruitful Friends Program Director of Refugee Support Services

McColl Center for Art + Innovation

Opening Friday, January 10, 2020, Exhibition: Jan 10 - Feb 8, 2020

6:00-9:00 p.m.

Join us to celebrate Tarmac, an exhibition by the inaugural Resident Residency artists-in-residence—Dammit Wesley, HNin Nie, Helms Jarrell, MyLoan Dinh, and Marlon Morrison. The exhibition, curated by Community Curatorial Fellow Janelle Dunlap, showcases the artwork of these five Charlotte artists who are building power in their communities to resist and reimagine our collective identity.

Image: MyLoan Dinh, Made in America (everyday 21), detail, mixed media, paper, linoleum prints; 11 x 8.5 inches each x 21. Courtesy of the artist.

New McColl Residency Centers on all Things Local

December 23, 2019

By Ryan Pitkin

ARTPOP Class of 2020

Honored to be in the Class of 2020! 

Since its founding, ArtPop Street Gallery’s Charlotte program has promoted 112 artists on millions of dollars of advertising space, donated from partners including Adams Outdoor Advertising, Charlotte Center City Partners, Awedience Media, Northlake Mall and the anonymous donor that funds the displays at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.


EXCLUSIVE: ArtPop Street Gallery Unveils Class of 2020

By Ryan Pitkin

December 5, 2019

ABOLITION NOW!’ at Asian Arts Initiative examines racism and mass incarceration in America

July 28, 2019

By Deborah Krieger


Deborah Krieger visits Asian Arts Initiative's exhibition "ABOLITION NOW!", a group exhibition that features artworks about racism and mass incarceration in America and highlights the arts-related work of local prison abolition and anti-incarceration groups.

CreativeMornings Charlotte

April 5, 2019


Global Theme: Inclusive

Guest Speaker: MyLoan Dinh

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Charlotte art events focus on hardships immigrants face, contributions they make


APRIL 30, 2019



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September/October 2019

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An immigrant tale, a sharecropper memory, a media/Bible take on women: All up for discussion here

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Let's Talk Art with Brooke

Episode 55: Interview with gallery owner Sonya Pfeiffer of Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art, about the Art of Struggle exhibition, featuring MyLoan Dinh, Charles Farrar and Susan Brenner.


diaCRITICS highlights artists of the Vietnamese diaspora: Profiles in Art

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